​Residential Home Appraisal

Appraiser Bob doesn’t view it as a buyer’s or a seller’s market; we view it as your market and will always do our best to meet our clients’ needs. We represent both buyers and sellers in our work performing residential real estate appraisal, so we understand the concerns and needs of all our clients, regardless of their position.

The purchase of any property is a large investment, and our real estate appraiser knows from a financial standpoint how significant of a decision it truly is. Even more than that, purchasing a place in which you and your family will call home for years to come is an important act.

On the flip side, as a seller, we can help make sure your property gets appraised for the utmost value it can receive. Our home apprisers work hard for you and offer trusted services.

If you need residential home appraisal services, contact our estate appraiser at Appraiser Bob in Moorpark, CA. Call today!